Esseciplast® is the brain child of Esseci Srl, a leading company in the field of plastics, injection molding and design of machines for plastics processing.

The Esseci Srl was founded in 1994 and tank to its experience in various fields over the years, in 2008 creating the PVC interlocking tile and found immediate success that allowed us to insert ourselves into a huge market.

This innovative system of the tile allows the laying of a whole floor in both small and large areas in a short time, as the simplicity and practicality of the interlocking system without glue leads to a reduction of costs in addition to a considerable saving of time.

The Esseci Srl wanted to emphasize the PVC, a material which by its nature has a high mechanical, chemical and thermal strength, it also own self-extinguishing characteristics.

Combining these features to the innovative system of the joint without glue we give the possibility to Industries, for example, of not having production stops avoiding considerable inconveniences.

In commercial, residential and houses it solves every need for restructuring of the flooring.

Over the years, the success of the tiles brought Esseci srl to create the brand Esseciplast®, but tank to the current worldwide diffusioni t was necessary to found a new company Esseciplast® srl merely dedicated to the flooring market.

Currently, in the site of Alpignano, in the province of Turin, the Esseciplast®  srl provides tiles of its own production, and moreover it sells various other types of flooring, for both indoor and outdoor use, in order to ensure such a solution that will satisfy all type of custode requirements.

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