Global Fitness

Technical flooring designed for fitness, rigid and flexible, colorful and customizable

  • Material: Virgin PVC
  • Dimension: 500 x 500 mm – 4 tiles/sqm
  • Weight: 1,52 Kg/tile – 6,08 Kg/sqm
  • Finishing: Hammered
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Aspect: Rough
  • Edges: 500 x 160 mm – 0,6 Kg/each
  • Corners: 160 x 160 mm – 0,2 Kg/each

The ideal system to pave any environment quickly. It’s not necessary to glue and it can be laid directly above the existing floor.

GLOBAL FITNESS interlocking PVC tiles are suitable for various indoor environments such as gyms and sports clubs halls, fitness centers, wellness centers, training grounds, etc.

They are available in several standard colors. For areas of more than 100 square meters you can request any RAL color. The tiles can be customized with logos, functional pathways, and any graphics you can think of!

GLOBAL FITNESS tiles are easy to clean, are scratch-resistant and stain-resistant thanks to the exclusive treatment against scratch and wear.

It is advisable to protect the tiles from sunlight filtering through the windows or get direct, therefore we recommend, in the areas affected by the sun, the use of tents or bonding of the floor in the affected area only.


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