Anti-slip PVC Tile perfect to absorb vibrations and noise

  • Material: recycled PVC
  • Dimension: 460 x 460 mm – 4,7 tiles / sqm
  • Weight: 1,88 Kg / tile - 8,84 Kg / sqm
  • Finishing: Grain of rice
  • Thickness: 14 mm
  • Aspect: Grain of rice
  • Edges: Available
  • Corners: possible only with the project

ULTRAGRIP is an anti-slip tile with a structure which gives an excellent durability and comfort.

Thanks to its interlocking system it’s very easy and quick to lay.

ULTRAGRIP it’s perfect for flooring protection, both in a big warehouse or simply for your garage.

It’s designed to absorb shocks and noise, It’s suitable for any solution even for extreme temperature.

Tiles made of recycled PVC black or dark grey.



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