Prestige - EsseciPlast


The tile with a stone or concrete effect

Material: heterogeneous PVC coupled
Dimensions: 914*914/620*620 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Wearlayer: 0.7 mm
Weight: 9,6 kg/m2
Reaction to fire: Bfl-s1 EN 13501-1
Antislip certificate: R10 DIN 51130

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The Prestige is a mixed coupled PVC tile. It’s a loose lay, self-locking tile that perfectly adheres to the underlying floor through a patented anti-slip system. The tile is not subject to thermal expansion and is dampness proof, so it is suitable even for damp environments. The tiles have sound absorbing characteristics, then they are particulary suitable in hotels, fitness centers, restaurants, etc. The 0.7 mm wearlayer guarantees an hight resistance to traffic, also in commercial spaces

The Prestige model marries modernity and design, and it is available in a wide range of stone or concrete effect finishes very realistic, perfect for both work and home environments.

Available colours

Discover the most frequently asked questions about our Prestige tile

How do you cut PVC tiles?

You can easily cut them with a professional cutter, but for large sizes the use of a laminate cutter is recommended.

Is glue required for the installation of the tiles?

No, no glue is needed, simply place them on the existing (level and clean) bottom and shape the tiles against the walls. In industrial application, depending on the model of forklifts and the steering points of the same, in some cases it may be necessary to glue some tiles so that the wheels, at the point of greatest traction, do not risk lifting the tile.

How does the laying of the LVT looselay work without glue and without clicks?

In addition to the patented anti-slip system under the tiles, which prevents it from slipping even during installation, the LVT looselay has zero expansion: this means that it must be shaped against the wall by leaning against it, without leaving any space for the expansion of the material , which at that point cannot move. If necessary, for replacements, maintenance or movements, it is possible to lift it using a cutter or another pointed tool.

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