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Esseciplast® is the brainchild of the founder of Esseci Srl, a company established in 1994 and a recognised leader in the sector of plastic materials, from injection-moulding to the design of machinery for their production. In 2008, the expertise garnered through the years led to the launch of a new product: a PVC interlocking tile that makes it possible to floor small and large surfaces in a very short time thanks to glueless laying, lowering labour costs and drastically reducing the inconvenience resulting from renovation work.

Initially, the high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance of PVC, together with the glueless laying system, made the Esseciplast® product immediately successful in industrial applications.

Later on, the technical performance of the material made it increasingly popular in the commercial and residential fields as well, with the creation of an ever wider and versatile range of models and finishes, offering solutions for every type of space that will satisfy the aesthetic preferences of the most demanding, design-conscious customers.

The growing demand for this product drove the evolution of the Esseciplast® trademark into an independent enterprise, solely dedicated to the production and marketing of PVC tiles, highly specialised and constantly focused on innovation.

Since then, quite a few companies have entered the market for PVC tiles, and to this day Esseciplast® products are the main source of inspiration for every company in the industry. Going forward, Esseciplast® is committed to retaining its leading and pioneering role in the European PVC flooring sector.

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