Global Pure

The self-sanitizing tile.

Material: PVC Esseciplast®
Dimensions: 510*510 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 6,5 kg/m2
Reaction to fire: Bfl-s1 EN 13501-1
Antislip certificate: R9 DIN 51130

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Is it an antibacterial floor? Better: a self-sanitizing floor!

GLOBAL PURE is a tile equipped with a special innovative technology that allows the creation of intelligent plastic materials. The mass encapsulation of this technology offers a perennial result of high resistance of the plastic surface to adhesion and bacterial proliferation without additives subject to BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation), exploiting the action exerted by electrical charges on the metabolism of bacteria and offering a safe and ecological alternative to sanitizing with chemical products, without any toxicity for the human body and for the environment. The quick and glue-free installation allows the application of the new floor without any interruption of activities and without moving machinery and equipment. To ensure maximum wear resistance, Esseciplast® tiles are protected with a special treatment, unique in Europe, with exclusive protective paints that increase resistance to abrasion and dirt, facilitating cleaning and preserving the beauty of your Esseciplast® floor in time.

The Global Pure model is available in various colors, but any RAL color can be requested for surfaces over 100 square meters. The tile can also be customized with graphic prints of logos or signs. Available on request also in a thickness of 7 mm.

Available colours


Finishes available

Orange peel finish

Rice grain finish

Hammered finish

Accessories available


Ramp and Corner

Discover the most frequently asked questions about our Global Industry tile

How do you refine your access points?

Special accessories are available with access ramps, but it is also possible to carry out this process directly on the edges of the tiles.

How do you cut PVC tiles?

You can easily cut them with a professional cutter, but for large sizes the use of a laminate cutter is recommended.

Is glue required for the installation of the tiles?

No, no glue is needed, simply place them on the existing (level and clean) bottom and shape the tiles against the walls. In industrial application, depending on the model of forklifts and the steering points of the same, in some cases it may be necessary to glue some tiles so that the wheels, at the point of greatest traction, do not risk lifting the tile.

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